Focus on building your product

High Performance

Start with a boilerplate designed for scalability & performance so you can focus on the bushiness logic.

Rapid development

Boost your productivity by using the CLI for generating boilerplate code. From simple components and pages to actions, reducers, sagas & services.

Quality Code

Build with quality code. Keeping things simple so you can start building your product from day 1.


Need authentication? Choose the Firebase or Serverless edition.

Allow your users to sign up and login to your application. Save time and don't worry about reset password flows, forms, notifications and authenticated routes. Or go complete Serverless with Firestore


Why you should choose this boilerplate

CLI for rapid development

Generate components or use the CLI handle the create most of the Redux boilerplate for you.

Code Splitting

Code splitting will boost the performance of your application. This project is setup so that code of the next page starts loading only after you hover over the link.


This project is setup with Redux for state management and Redux Persist using session storage, so you can refresh the page without losing the data in your store.

Styled Components

You can easily change the implementation of styling, but the initial setup includes styled-components: visual primitives for the component age.

Boosted SEO

React Helmet is used to manage the metadata of the corresponding web document that is being served via React components.

Highly customizable

Start with a boilerplate designed for scalability, performance and productivity that also gives you the freedom to develop your own standards and customize everything.


Pay once, use everywhere

  • This is incredible. A very nice starter kit well worth the money for the scripts alone if I must say.

    Patrick Pistor

    Co-founder at Eligeant
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  • MakerMove is built with this boilerplate. I could launch a MVP way earlier because this starter-kit saved me so much development time.

    Jake Prins

    Founder of MakerMove
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